PA087714 - "Sunset"

PA087714 - "Sunset"

Sunset - 20121008

I worked for several years at the National Marrow Donor Program (now BeTheMatch), which was then situated on a low ridge to the northeast of downtown. This afforded me many opportunities to shoot Minneapolis sunsets from the roof.

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Sunset - 20121119

Once I found out I could shoot from the NMDP rooftop I went back up pretty often as the sun moved south setting behind downtown.

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Misc Art - 20130115

More sunsets, plus foggy clouds of steam across a sunrise.


Halo Sunset - 20130204

On an icy February afternoon I jumped on the NMDP roof and grabbed this sunset. Only in post did I discover the ice ring.

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Minneapolis - 20130506

Shot from the same location as the Dirigible shot.