KT Tunstall - 20131005

These aren’t particularly good performance shots, but they’re the first such and I’d like to collect them as a category.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 1.00.47 PM.jpg

Farmer’s Market

I love photographing the colorful goods at the Farmer’s Market, although I despair of understanding how to get the releases and licenses necessary to use publish the images.

PA149411 - Forgotten Sunrise

PA149411 - Forgotten Sunrise

Sunrise - 20131012

I guess I forgot that I went back up the tall apartment building for another try at a photogenic sunrise. Here it is!

PA129129 - WeberWedding

PA129129 - WeberWedding

Weber Wedding - 20131012

I don’t shoot weddings and shot this one only as a guest. Too much pressure! Still, I love this picture, despite all the work it took to create.

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Catalogs - 20131013-1230

With our art gallery about to open, I needed to print some of my “best” (wincing) works. These folders are examples of me realizing I had no method of organizing and finding my post-processed images.