Master List of Pictures

I have a lot of great photographs, but when it comes to FINDING them I don't have a great organizational method. So I'll try listing them here along with link information so that in the future maybe I can find my best images.


PB820001c - "Murderflight"

Murderflight - 20011128

This is the earliest of my "Best Of" photos. It was taken Nov 28, 2001, on West River Road in Minneapolis across from the University of Minnesota. All of these crows were on the snow, and I stopped to get out my camera and take a photo, but the moment I started to roll down the window, they took off. I had time for one quick, desperate shot and got this.
This image is so old that the sensor was something like 2000x3000, so I have painstakingly enlarged this image, smoothing out enlargement artifacts pixel by pixel.

P5310016.jpg - "Dantecool"

P5310016.jpg - "Dantecool"

Dantecool - 20020531

I keep coming back to this one of my son, very young, taken beside the Witch's Tower in Minneapolis.

 Maybe it's the slanting light, maybe it's that goofball's attitude,  

Funnily enough I took his graduation picture here too!

P6290073 - Blimp

P6290073 - Blimp

Blimp over Minneapolis - 20020626

This was my first really exciting picture, probably because I anticipated it. Returning home from a day of swimming with the family we saw a blimp over downtown. It occurred to me that as the sun was setting I could try to get a good shot from the Marshall-Lake Street bridge, and when I got there I found that I was right. I love being right.
Once again the sensor on this old Olympus 10X camera was very small, so I've since hand-smoothed out the enlargement artifacts to produce larger prints.